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Researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices


  • Patterns of Commoning : The Growth of Open Design and Production

    28 juin, par Commons Strategies Group
    Tristan Copley-Smith: It’s difficult not to appreciate the unfolding potential of the open source movement. The concept is beautifully simple: “When we share together, we are stronger.” It taps into a broad range of human sensibilities, from the practical, to the creative, abstract and even (...)
  • A Tribute to François Houtart

    28 juin, par Michel Bauwens
    This is the year of the passing away of the elder statesmen of the Commons Movement. Last September, the P2P Foundation lost Jean Lievens, who co-wrote the first book about the commons transition approach; this year, we lost Robin Murray, a life-long activist for the ‘cooperative commonwealth’ (...)
  • Procomuns 2017 : development of proposals and strategies for the Commons collaborative economies

    27 juin, par Stacco Troncoso
    Join our friends for this year’s edition of Procomuns in Barcelona. We extensively covered last year’s edition, including an in-depth article (The Commons Collaborative Economy Explodes in Barcelona); this year they are inviting all commoners to help co-create the program. The following text is (...)
  • Uber’s Missteps Should be a Cautionary Tale to the Tech Industry

    27 juin, par Shareable
    Neal Gorenflo: This week, news broke that Uber’s investors demanded and got CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation. The company has been embroiled in controversy from the get-go, and Kalanick should have been let go much sooner. The fact that the company’s investors backed Uber with astounding $15 (...)
  • OuiShare Fest Paris : Cities of the World, Unite !

    26 juin, par Ouishare
    Arthur de Grave: For its 5th edition, OuiShare Fest Paris, 5-7 July, places cities at the center of attention. Can cities be the basis of democratic renewal? Will they find ways to conquer a political weight proportional to their demographic and economic power? Can global networks of cities (...)