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Researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices


  • Juliet Schor on the Striking Differences Between Nonprofit and For-profit Sharing Enterprises

    20 août, par Shareable
    Kevin Stark: It’s easy to group all enterprises that promote “sharing” into a single category. New technology has made it much easier for people to share almost everything — cars, houses, work spaces, just to name a few. There’s really no shortage of ways that people can pool resources. But there’s (...)
  • Defend the Sacred : No to oil drilling in Portugal !

    19 août, par Stacco Troncoso
    Reposted from Defend the Sacred. Não ao Furo! Sim ao Futuro – No to oil drilling in Portugal! Nearly 1000 people from 40 countries form a large-scale human message on Odeceixe beach to stop plans for off-shore oil drilling in Portugal. The event was part of “Defend the Sacred: Envision a Global (...)
  • Essay of the Day : Mutual Credit Cryptocurrencies – Beyond Blockchain Bottlenecks

    18 août, par Michel Bauwens
    There is no doubt that humanity could use universal ledgers like the blockchain, to manage more efficiently its agreements and transactions. But just as bitcoin is misconceived as a currency that is extractive to both humans and natural commons, so there are serious issues with how the (...)
  • Collecting Elements of a Minor Future : Commoning in Alphabet City­

    18 août, par Stacco Troncoso
    Impressions from an imaginary walk across the streets of Alphabet City, resonant with the architectural echoes of an optimistic modernism, its socio-technological design rooted in a widely shared belief in the governability of urban ecologies. An essay by Soenke Zehle, originally published in (...)
  • Support Ignite TV ! A Commons-oriented viewer-owned station

    17 août, par Michel Bauwens
    From Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a TV Channel? Well, now you can be one of the owners of a new TV channel called Ignite TV. The media has long been controlled by a select few and they have often used this platform irresponsibly and arguably contributed significantly to (...)